September 1, 2014

How I Use Student Planners in Our Homeschool

This year we have started using student planners for Curly and Tiger.  Here's how we use them in our homeschool:

  • Before we begin a new month I have them turn to their new monthly calendar and we pencil in any holidays or special days for that month.

For the rest of the month we only use the weekly planning pages.

  • At the beginning of the week I sit down with Curly and Tiger separately and write down weekly tasks on the weekend slots.  Sometimes this is a book or project that needs to be done by the weekend or it is other independent work (like a set of math pages) that needs to be completed.  They are free to work on these assignments at any point during the week so long as they are done by Friday night.  This helps them plan their week and remember to make time for things that aren't due on a specific day but rather by the end of the week.  They are learning not to wait until Friday to start on the work in this section!

  • I also write a short outline of our weekly plan on the whiteboard.  I write each day of the week on the board and list anything extra for that day.  If we have an appointment, field trip, or get together during our week I put the information on the board.  They then copy these activities into their planner on the appropriate day.  Now they know a brief outline of our week and don't have to ask me daily for the plan.

  • After I finish their school time each day, I have them write a list of what work they still need to complete for that day.  This is anything that we didn't finish during our time or is the independent work from our lessons.  They create a short checklist of the homework tasks they need to complete that day.  They also write this on the weekly pages.

These planners are helping my kids learn to be responsible, plan ahead, and use their time wisely.  It helps keep them accountable for getting their work finished.  It also helps me remember what each child was supposed to complete each day when we get back together for our school time. 

August 29, 2014

Meet the {Homeschool} Teacher

It's back to school week for the school's in my district. They had their meet the teacher day earlier this week. I'm sure it was total craziness and chaos. I'm also sure that the teachers had their fair share of wacky questions and overly-anxious parents.

I decided that for my birthday we would host our own Meet the Teacher night! Just in case my kids weren't sure who would be teaching them this year, I announced their new grade levels and after a drum roll named their teacher. They were shocked! Can you believe that they got the very teacher that they were hoping to get? What excitement! They are in the class with the ever awesome Miss Lexi!

So, what questions might I get asked on a parent interview? I asked a local teacher what questions and comments she most often heard at Meet the Parent Night.

Here are those questions (as if asked by my hubby who is acting as the parental figure) and answered by me (acting as the teacher extraordinaire).

What if my child can already read, is advanced in math, or has already covered those topics?
Well, then we'll just move right on ahead. You're in Kindergarten but need 1st grade math? No problem!

How many kids are in the class?
Just one per grade level. But don't worry; it won't be lonely!

What is the student/teacher ratio?
5:1. Please remember that we are a very exclusive private academy.

Do you have an assistant?
Yes, she has been a part of our school for almost 2 years now. Her specialties are glueing my teacher's notes together, cutting up our projects, erasing things on my computer, and randomly playing music on the iPad. Punkin is quite a helper!

How do you handle it?
Lots and lots of chocolate and a principal who helps out around the house!

Is there a nap time?
No. Not unless it is for me (or if you're under the age of 3)!

How can I reach you?
Just stand in the entry way and yell. I'll hear you from the homeschool room above.

When is lunch time?
Whenever I am hungry (and whenever it's ready).

What happens if my child needs the nurse?
I am certified in Mommy First Aid and I'll handle it. I also double as the school nurse.

How often do they have PE?
Whenever I need total silence and decide to stick them out back. This could be hourly if necessary.

How many books can they check out of the library?
As many as I can fit into my library bag.

How often do they have art and music?
Daily! We emphasize the arts at our private school.

What if my child is sick?
Please make sure to stock up on some new movies for me and we'll take a day off.

What is the attendance policy?
School is in session unless I decide it's not - we always take breaks for children's birthdays, beautiful weather, and exciting field trip opportunities.

What's the daily schedule?
School, play, school, play, lunch, school, read, art, read, play, music, play, read......Someone is doing SOMETHING from 6 AM until 4 PM - this includes lego architecture, imaginative play, and reading time. You can see more about our schedule here.

Is there a dress code?
Yes. Comfy pj's are required daily unless we have a planned field trip. On field trip days, matching tie-dye shirts are the uniform. 

How do you grade work? What is the grading scale?
If it's wrong then it will be redone with my help. No grades are issued, just opportunities to master a concept.

How much time do you expect them to spend on homework?
All. day. long. Our work is all "homework!"

What can I do to support your teaching at home?
Wash dishes, do laundry, sweep the floor, vacuum, and cook dinner.

Have your kids met their teacher yet? Did you get any teacher gifts? 

I think I need some chocolate, a house keeper, and a massage. Those would be very nice gifts!

August 27, 2014

Interactive Check List for our Homeschool Day

I made some simple interactive check lists for the kids.  All the chore charts or checklists I found already had pre-created lists or task cards.  Some of them didn't fit our family and I wanted the flexibility to be able to change out the chore and task cards easily.  So, I made interactive checklists with some inexpensive clipboards.

You need:
Mod Podge
brushes or sponge brushes
small clothes pins
scrapbook paper
super glue or hot glue

I cut the scrapbook paper to cover the clipboards and then cut designs to decorate each board.
I used Mod Podge to glue on the scrapbook paper and then seal the top of the clipboards. 
Then I used super glue to attach the small clothes pins to the boards.

My kids each have their own board with task cards.  These are jobs or tasks that they are to complete daily.  Once each task is done they turn that card over and clip it back to their board.  By the end of the day each card should be flipped over.  In the morning we turn them back over to start our new day.

For the younger kids I printed small pictures on cardstock and cut those out for my cards.  For my oldest child I used words rather than pictures.

Tasks for Ladybug age 3:
make bed
brush teeth
computer time
reading time
sweep kitchen

Tasks for Bee age 5:
make bed
brush teeth
clean kitchen table
computer time
reading time
Spanish songs

Tasks for Tiger age 6:
make bed
brush teeth
clean kitchen counters
computer time
reading time
Spanish songs

Tasks for Curly age 8:
make bed
brush teeth
do dishes
computer time
reading time
memory work

Do you have a chore system for your kids? 

I Choose Joy!

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August 25, 2014

{Poppins Book Nook} Little Bear's Little Boat

The theme for the August Poppins Book Nook is "What will I be when I grow up?"  We chose the book Little Bear's Little Boat by Eve Bunting.

This book is about a little bear who loves his little boat, but he is growing up and will no longer be able to use his tiny boat.  He comes up with a solution to his problem by giving his boat to another young cub, making that cub promise that he will pass on the boat to another small cub when he too outgrows the boat.

When I ask my kids what they want to be when they grow up, their answers change weekly from an author, an artist, a teacher, an astronaut, to a mom and a dad.  The future is full of possibilities for them and I cannot wait to see the path they choose. 

While I don't know what the future holds for my kids, I do know one thing.  I can start today by preparing them for that future.  My hope is that my kids will be generous, kind, caring, and unselfish when they grow up, no matter what profession they find for themselves.

To instill generosity and a servant heart for others, we found some family service projects that were appropriate for their ages.

We decided to create small care packages for the homeless.  We chose some nonperishable food items like packages of peanut butter crackers, granola bars, and packages of pretzels.  We added these items to large tube socks.  We also put in a bar of soap, travel-sized toothpaste, a toothbrush, wetwipes, and a small package of Kleenex.  We also printed out some encouraging Scriptures on cardstock and enclose one in each package.  Now as we drive around town, we have something in our car to hand out to the many homeless we see on various street corners.

Here are some other service ideas for kids:

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August 22, 2014

{Back to Homeschool} Beginning of the Year Traditions

We've developed a few fun homeschool traditions for the start of each new year.  Here's how we celebrate...

Creating Tie Dye School Uniforms - Before we begin a new year we create new homeschool uniforms tie-dye style.  Dad gets in on the action and helps the kids create tie dye t-shirts.  These are perfect to wear on our field trips - it's easy to see my psychedelic kids in crowds.

School Supply Shopping Trip - I make a separate school supply list for each child and then I take them on individual shopping trips so they can pick out their own supplies.  It's amazing how important it is for a child to pick out their pencils themselves.  It's a fun little date for us!

Back to School PJ's - I order the kids some fun new pj's and present them with their new jammies the night before we start.  For our first day of homeschool the kids have new pj uniforms.

Back to School Pictures - After I present the new pj's to the kids they take their baths and try them on.  Then we head outside in the cool of the evening and take our back to school pictures.  I print signs for the kids to hold and we take lots of pictures to document our new year.  It's so much easier to get good shots of the kids in the evening with my husband helping me rather than try to rush through them in the morning. 

S'mores Night - The night before school we have a family night where we make s'mores and talk about our summer and make some plans for fall.  It's a fun end to summer.

Cake for Breakfast - On our first day of school I usually serve something fun like a dessert!  Yes, we often have some type of cake for our first day.  And yes, it does make my kids a little bit crazy but they are usually dragging and resistant to a new schedule so I enjoy the fact that they are a little more enthusiastic to get out of bed.

Do you have any back to homeschool traditions?

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